What you never knew about BOOKMARKS!
It’s hard to imagine a world without bookmarks, but there have been times in our not so distant past where they were not necessary. Why you might ask? Well, for the simple reason that there weren’t any printed books!
Printing really didn’t increase until the fifteenth century and if books were printed, they were in limited quantity and therefore quite valuable. The need to mark your spot in a book so you can return to it easily is as old as books themselves and since books were of such high value, folding down the corner of the page or laying the book open face down, with the spine up was out of the question.
This brings us to the creation of the bookmark. It was actually referred to as a bookmarker or just marker for short.
One of the first references to the use of a bookmark was in 1584 when Christopher Barker, the Queen’s Printer, gave Queen Elizabeth I a fringed silk bookmark. In fact, most bookmarks in that era were made of fine materials such as silk or embroidered fabrics and stayed that way up until the 19th century. They were also most commonly found as being bound into the book with the first detachable bookmarks appearing in the 1850’s. It wasn’t until the 1880’s that bookmarks started to be made out of more common materials such as paper and that is probably due to the fact that more books were being printed and available to the general public.

Bookmarks have undergone a massive transformation from their early indications of use in codices in the 1st century AD to our current versions with bookmarks being used as promotional products, advertising, and novelty items. Not to mention the variety of different materials – from paper and 3D to plastic and metal. The fact that bookmarks have been around for centuries and are still being used today proves that as long as there is a need, people will always find a way to meet that need.

The bookmarks we have here at Addyline are of the metal variety and come in many different styles and finish options. Given its history, I think it’s almost a sure thing to choose one of our bookmarks as a promotional item because it fulfills a need, is compact, and it’s durable so you know it will last!

Head over to our product page through the link below to see all of the options we have for you and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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