Dog Tags

What’s small, lightweight, cost effective and fun?  Our Dog Tags!  They pack quite a visual punch for the size with a variety of printing options, including a stunning 4 color process (4CP).


Choosing one of our bookmarks means you like quality!  With multiple sizes, styles and printing options, you can rest assured that we have what you need and that it is made out good material and created with care.

Bottle Openers

Our bottle openers are made out of solid brass or steel and can be chemically etched in one color or printed using a 4 color process.  Either way, they are very functional, visually appealing and designed to last!

Key Tags

Everyone has keys…for houses, apartments, cars – just about everything!  So why not have something that can stand the test of time be the keeper of those keys?  Our Key Tags are made out of your choice of Aluminum, Steel or Brass with a variety of sizes, styles and printing options.  With so many options, we are certain there is something for everyone!

Luggage Tags

Made out of durable steel, brass or aluminum, our tags will not only look great but last for trip after trip!


Available in multiple sizes and styles, our coasters can be used as desktop calendars, mouse pads and, well… coasters!


See how our rulers measure up!  Available in flexible vinyl, aluminum & brass and multiple sizes and scales, our rulers are sure to fit any need you have.

Zipper Pulls

Why have a boring, standard zipper pull when you can have a custom one?  Screen printed or etched, our zipper pulls will be sure to make a statement!


When handing out business cards or membership cards, why not use a card that will last?  Our cards are made out of brass, steel or aluminum with a variety of printing options. See for yourself!

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